Routine Chiropody



NAIL CUTTING - There are a variety of reasons why you would wish a chiropodist to cut your nails, they can thicken as one gets older or just be difficult to reach. Whatever the reason, please remove your nail varnish before your visit or we will be unable to cut them. The varnish damages our equipment.


CORNS/CALLUS - Are thick hard layers of skin caused by friction and pressure. They are removed easily and painlessly using instruments that have been sterilized at temperatures in excess of 134o C in accordance with British Standards. Self-treatment is not recommended, injury, in the form of cuts and wounds can cause infection. Neither is the use of corn plasters, corn paint or other corn removal medication. These medications contain strong chemicals that can injure the skin. The chemicals are supposed to 'eat away' at the corn but unfortunately, they do not differentiate between the corn/callus and normal skin. Such medication can cause burns, this can lead to ulcers and infections in diabetics and other susceptible persons, such as the elderly or those with impaired circulation.



VERRUCAE/WARTS - Are benign growths on the skin that are highly vascular. They are caused by the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV). Verrucae may occur as single or multiple growths and can vary greatly in appearance, some will have a cauliflower like appearance or puncture like marks. With other verrucae there maybe a visible collection of black or brown dots, these are NOT as some believe 'the root' but a collection of blood vessels that have been forced into the verrucae. The verruca is very contagious, will bleed easily if cut and are not easy to treat. There are many treatments, the main ones offered by the FOOT CLINIC are Cryotherapy (freezing), Acid Therapy of various strengths and Homeopathic. The podiatrist will discuss the various possibilities with you to help you decide which treatment is best for you.



FUNGAL INFECTIONS - Such as Athlete's Foot and the fungal nail infections that can spring from it. The fungus attacks feet, especially between toes where conditions are warm, moist and exacerbated by footwear. Treatment is an antifungal preparation and in the case of fungal nails, oral medication may need to be considered. Once rid of the infection the best course of action is prevention. Always dry carefully between the toes, wear cotton socks and change shoes and hoisery often.



IN-GROWN TOENAILS - Have a variety of causes including thickened toe nails, a toe nail with a wide nail plate, an excessively curved nail or poor nail cutting technique which can leave a spur to grow into the fleshy part of the toe. In most cases the podiatrist can treat the nail immediately by removing the offending piece of nail, a quick and inexpensive procedure. Occasionally, when the nail is embedded too deeply in the toe tissue or the patient has needed repeated treatment, NAIL SURGERY with a local anaesthetic is recommended. This surgical procedure, performed at the FOOT CLINIC, removes the problematic portion of the nail. A strong chemical called Phenol is then used to prevent regrowth.