Biomechanics and Orthotics (Insoles)


 Biomechanics is about the way your body moves, in particular for us at the FOOT CLINIC, how the movements of your lower limb and the foot affect the rest of you.


Research shows that 60 to 70 per cent of people have abnormally functioning feet.


Functional problems in your feet can alter your walking pattern and cause aches and pains, not only in the feet but also the knees, hips and back. These problems can be alleviated with custom made functional foot orthotics (insoles). 


 At the FOOT CLINIC we can conduct a physical assessment. The assessment involves looking at the way you stand and walk, checking the joints and muscles, assessing your footwear and lifestyle. Your treatment may involve custom made orthotics (which we can provide), exercises, footwear advice and/or Acupuncture.